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Ned Culture

Academia is often considered to be inaccessible, and to a large degree, this is true. Very frequently we see cultures, places, and people studied, with the same people who are from these places, and part of these cultures, having limited access to, and provided with inadequate knowledge of, such studies. Therefore, this website aims to make the academic work around Ned Culture and all that is connected to such culture – the knowledge, the debates, and the history – accessible for all. The website will provide news, articles, events and even podcasts (coming soon) on the subject of Neds and Ned Culture, as it seeks to break down the barriers of education, which at times may be too regimented and off-putting to those willing to learn.My name is Gavin Brewis, and I am currently a PhD student at Glasgow Caledonian University. The title of my research is ‘Emotions and Trauma in the Murder Capital of Europe: A new History of Neds and Ned Culture (circa 1995-2008).

My path is slightly different to those who often find themselves in similar positions in academia. I grew up in the southside of Glasgow, and had been expelled from school (my second school) at 14. I was very much becoming a product of the system, and I don’t think many seen me staying out of jail, or living into adulthood. I had a bit of a troubled background, and this was a huge reason for some of my behaviours – but not all of it. I found myself in trouble with the police for a few years before I finally managed to find a way out of the schemes, where I was able to turn my life around – something that unfortunately many of my friends were unable to do.

Though, having grown up in and around this culture as a youth, very much considered as a Ned – to some degree, I was proud of this label – I noticed across time, that unlike other subcultures, Ned Culture was not held in the same regard; why was this? I began to look further into the different elements of subculture; class; the history of Glasgow; youth cultures in the city; and it is through my blog which will feature on this website that I will pose some of the following questions: What is so interesting about Ned Culture? Why do Neds feature so heavily in the media and television, with little attention paid to it in academia? Why is social class relevant to Neds? Is Ned Culture a Subculture? What is a Subculture? How did Ned Culture emerge? What does the term Ned mean? What else was happening in Glasgow in 1995-2008, and how did this play a role in the emergence of such subculture?

I hope that you enjoy the site. Feel free to contribute a donation of some sort, be it monetary, or any ideas or questions you may have on the topic area.

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